Looking back at the 10-year history of Ewha Campus Leaders
Looking back at the 10-year history of Ewha Campus Leaders
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        In a decade many things come and go, but some things stay with us and become more loved and improved over the years. Ewha Campus Leaders, the school-supported student ambassadors who give campus tours to Ewha visitors, are planning a big get-together in September to celebrate their 10th anniversary. First recruited in 1997 under the Office of Public Relations, they have remained as active promoters and representatives of Ewha.


The campus leaders give tours to prospective Ewha students and distinguished guests, informing them of Ewha’s history of 121 years. “Although guests can get information on the Internet and from the Ewha faculty, we provide a more interesting and lively view as students attending Ewha,” said Kang Na-yeon (Educational Technology, 3). Because most campus leaders are fluent in foreign languages, they have given tours to many overseas college faculties and exchange students as well.


Over the years, the role of the campus leaders has become broader and more diversified. The campus leaders now offer planned tours every month, one of which is for underprivileged children, and a March tour for freshmen who are unfamiliar with the college. To reflect these changes, their official name was changed from Ewha Campus Tour Leaders to Ewha Campus Leaders in 2006. “Our role is no longer limited to giving tours. We also participate in various events outside the school to represent Ewha,” said Kim Hye-jeong (English Literature, 3). One campus leader even went to Beijing to participate as a student representative for the Ewha Womans University Day at Peking University. However, the name is still temporary. The campus leaders are holding a contest to select a name that will represent them better.


Along with other changes, the tours themselves have also been improved. Tour routes now include the newly built Ewha Archives, which contains historical records and exhibits, allowing guests to learn about the spirit of Ewha. In addition, megaphones are now used during the tours, which not only makes their job easier but also leads to some humorous episodes. “When we first used the megaphones, some Ewha students followed us along with the visitors, asking about shortcuts through the campus and the history of each building,”said Kang.


The campus leaders say that their hard work pays off when they feel they are contributing to making a better image of Ewha. “When Professors from India came to look around the engineering facilities, they  became so impressed with our enthusiasm that they sent us souvenirs and offered to take us around their school if we get a chance to visit India,” said Kang. To Kim Sung-mi (International Studies, 2), the most rewarding experience was when she gave a tour to industrial trainees who came to study at Ewha. Ewha started as a mission school 121 years ago, but now it offers programs to help students from developing countries. “By providing as much information as possible about life at Ewha to those students, I hoped to help them adjust better to their new environment,” said Kim.


Ewha campus leaders also fight hard to clarify prejudices about Ewha. Kang once met a high school student who was a member of an anti-Ewha website. She kept asking questions like, “So how many brand-name bags do you have?” Kang had a long talk with the student about how her experience at Ewha helped her to become an independent woman. “And guess what? A year later, that girl showed up as a freshman at Ewha, telling me how the tour helped her to change her mind about Ewha,” she said.


When prospective students visit, the campus leaders take them to the steep stairs in front of the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. “We tell the students that they are ‘climbing the stairs to Ewha.’ Climbing the 45 steps can be hard and painful, just like studying to get into Ewha, but once you get to the top, it will give you a sense of achievement and let you enjoy the fresh air,”said Kang.




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