Go abroad as an exchange student
Go abroad as an exchange student
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If “life is like a box of chocolates” as Forrest Gump suggests, studying abroad can be one of the chocolates offered from Ewha. Studying abroad offers the opportunity to not only the chance to study a different culture, but also to experience it by actually living and being immersed in a foreign country. For these advantages, many Ewha students dream of applying to become an exchange student, but many of those are discouraged by the high competitiveness and complicated requirements. Some say that exchange programs are mostly for students who are well-versed in English, but the truth is that those who are well prepared are chosen and then sent abroad. Preparation of course includes language skills but equally important is having as much information about the program as possible and making a clear goal of what you want to obtain; this will be the ticket to fly abroad. Also for those who have missed their chances to apply for the exchange program this year, there are still other opportunities offered in and out of Ewha to study abroad.



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