Are We That Old to be Responsible?
Are We That Old to be Responsible?
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By Park Hyen-joo (English Literature, 3)

How old are you? Let me phrase that again. How old do you think you are? This age thing is quite complicated than you think since different people perceive age differently. If you were a freshman you would feel that you are old enough to be treated as a grown-up. On the other hand everyone apart from the freshmen, especially juniors and seniors, would think other wise. But the important thing is what these numbers we call age is perceived and not the number itself.

Freshmen who just turned 20 (according to “Korean” age) would have earned new realms of pleasure since they just turned into university students. They are almost free from all the other social stress they might encounter along their lives for they just got rid of one big stress; university entrance.

However, the moment you step into a university, things change. It’s another world of more stress. As years pass by and you go up a grade, more and more unbelievable competition is laid ahead of you. Just at the age of 22 or 23 and even at age 20 at the earliest you might feel like you have lived all your life. This enormous thing called “employment” aka your future lie on your very shoulders. Everyone’s running around like headless chickens to find a way to expand your experiences in order to be more advantageous when it comes to employment. This is very sad but it’s the reality. But if you sit down and think about it carefully, isn’t your 20’s supposed to be the most exhilarating than this awful pit that the society is pushing us into? This is not supposed to happen!

So, fellow students calm yourselves down and take a break (apart from those who are already taking a break). You’re the one leading your life, not your parents and definitely not the society. You might feel like you’re at that time of your life where you have to be mature and responsible. People, you are NOT that old! Go ask anyone in the streets if you’re that old to be acting so. I’m sure most people will respond that you are to enjoy your life as a student. What fun would it be if you’re not spontaneous in your 20’s? I hope you do realize stress is on of the main reasons that make you look physically older. Have fun and enjoy your life when you can. But of course you’d want to fulfill your goals as students first. Just remember you’re too young to stress out that much. You have your whole lives to encounter all kinds of stress!


By Park Hyen-joo (English Literature, 3)

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