Officially Adults?
Officially Adults?
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Revitalizing the Coming-of-Age Ceremony

Every third Monday in May—which is May 21 this year—is designated as Coming of Age Day. Those who are turning 20 this year in Korea are the subjects of this celebration, where it is estimated that more than 700,000 teenagers become adults every year. Yet it is unsure how many pay close attention to the day or give meaning to it as an important rite of passage in their life. Youth who are the subject of this day might have already tasted bits of adult life before even reaching this age. But with no clear transition these days from childhood to adulthood, many young people are facing identity crisis about what it means to be an adult. Perhaps the coming of age ceremony can play a revitalized role for these youth, helping them find inner growth and the responsibility to be the new leaders of society.

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