Encouraging the Weak Majority
Encouraging the Weak Majority
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              A Group of Ewha students demonstrated their support for an assembly organized by the Securing Labor Worker's Houses Group, an organization which strives to secure houses for laborers. The students are currently members of Toohon, a performance team who expresses their thoughts with simple movements.

             About 10 years ago, some Ewha students contacted the Korean company? labor union, Hitecrcd, and began to join their labor union assemblies. In 2000, they established Toohon, and since then, the group has participated in many assemblies.

“One day we may become laborers as well. Thus, paying attention to labor workers’ hardships is not an irrelevant matter. If we don’t try to change it now, we will face the same problem. That is why we participate in activities that attempt to secure labor workers’ rights,” said Lee You-gang (Science Education, 2), the leader of Toohon.

Members of Toohon have taken part in helping labor unions' One Day Bar in order to raise money for campaigns, performing movements at least two to three times a month.

“Before performing in assemblies, our members gather up and discuss problems the workers face and then plan which movements to use in order to express their difficulties,” said Lee. Twisting each arm and soaring gripped hands is one of the gestures used in the performance. With other gestures in all, it conveys the message of Toohon’s feelings for the labors.

“It is very refreshing to talk to laborers in the field. Talking to them makes me understand more about their unfortunate job conditions and I feel the urge to inform students in Ewha about the labor situation in Korea,” said member Lee Jin-joo (Statistics, 2).

Toohon is planning to hold a seminar on the labor worker issues including the abolition of non-regular workers. “Acknowledging the issues of the society is one of our duties as we will soon be the subject of it too,” said Lee You-gang.


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