Students Unconcerned About Health Check-ups
Students Unconcerned About Health Check-ups
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Ewha"s Health Service Center conducts yearly medical check-ups for all students. However, the rate of student participation is not high, and according to a recent survey by the center, students find such tests tiresome. Health Service Center staffs consider the tests important, and hope to increase student participation.

Whether they like it or not, the health check-up is a "must" for freshmen in order for them to apply for credits for the next semester. The procedure is mandatory because of the possibility of many students overlooking problems such as anemia that might have developed during their stressful high school years. For other Ewhaians, medical check-ups are scheduled, but are not mandatory.

According to the center"s Health Educationer Kim Joo-young, the center tries to schedule these check-ups to meet student needs. Medical check-ups for seniors are held in May to detect and cure any students with tuberculosis before they graduate and apply for jobs. "It takes few months of medication to cure tuberculosis, and even after it is healed the scars are visible in an x-ray. Since companies provide health examinations for new employees, the health record that was kept during college will show that the scars on the x-ray are just remains after the cure," explains Kim.

Check-ups for sophomores and juniors are arranged anytime between September and November to lessen inconveniences such as long waits in a line.

To maximize active student participation in this yearly check-up, the Health Service Center constantly posts examination schedules on its webpage, in the Ewha Weekly Newspaper, and on posters. Kim emphasizes the importance of the exam by saying, "Women usually do not feel the need to take yearly health examinations until in their late 40s and 50s. But it is important to check health conditions regularly to prevent possible diseases and to keep health records up-to-date." She adds, "It is up to each individual to look after her condition. Spare some time for your health examinations, and the center will, of course, help in every way possible."

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