Campus Tour Leaders Prepare Charity Tour For Children
Campus Tour Leaders Prepare Charity Tour For Children
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The members of the Ewha Campus Tour Leader are hosting a charity tour for underprivileged elementary, middle, and high school students in cooperation with the Corporation Leftovers Love Sharing Community, a welfare organization. The tour, titled “Love and Sharing Campus Tour,”is scheduled to kick off on May 10, in celebration of Children"s Day.

This specially organized tour was conceived in order to offer young students the chance to explore a campus prior to entering university. The Ewha Campus Tour Leader is hoping that the event will encourage visiting students to become more familiar with the university atmosphere.
About 40 to 50 students are scheduled to visit the campus. Ewha tour leaders will accompany them to historic sites such as the Welch-Ryang Auditorium, the Pfeiffer Hall, and the stone bust of Dr. Helen Kim. The members will present mugs filled with sweets along with letters written by all tour leaders.

A heart-warming feature of this project is that the members of the Ewha Campus Tour Leader group will donate all the tour proceeds (15,000 won per tour guide) to community charity.

The charity tour is expected to stress the importance of volunteering through helping and supporting needy children in society.

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