Measures to Keep Away from Yellow Sand
Measures to Keep Away from Yellow Sand
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             Yellow dust storms from China and Mongolia have aggravated due to global warming and desertification. According to news reports this spring, yellow dust storms have started earlier and are expected to be worse than ever before.

Ways to Lessen Damage from Yellow Sand


People are inventing new fashions by covering, wrapping and protecting themselves in layers with masks, mufflers, and sunglass. It is important to refrain from going outdoors frequently and try not to expose your skin to yellow sand.


Yellow dust storms have the most detrimental effect on your eyes. The sand can incite allergies which lead to itchiness, tears, and makes your eyes become bloodshot. Thus, if your eyes were exposed to sand or dust, wash them with clean water or artificial teardrops. For those who wear contact lenses, make sure to change to glasses or sunglasses and avoid using saline water when cleaning out your eyes.


Symptoms of nasal inflammation such as runny noses, sneezes, and stuffed noses can be a sign of yellow dust storms. Children or the elderly who have trouble breathing due to asthma are more vulnerable to yellow sand. Yellow sand can be harmful even in indoors, so a humidifier or air fresheners are recommended. In order to strengthen immune systems, people should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and try to reduce stress by avoiding instant foods, coffee, drinking, and smoking


Dry weather from yellow dust storms weakens the protective layer of the skin and incites itchiness and reddish spots. Therefore, students should wash their faces and hands before going outdoors and again when returning indoors. Thick makeup, perfume or sprays should be avoided if possible and if not, students must wash their faces and protect their skin with moisturizers.

Source: Ewha Health Service Center


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