CEOs Join College Of Business Administration
CEOs Join College Of Business Administration
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The university announced on April 11 that it had appointed 47 leading domestic CEOs as professors in the College of Business Administration. The newly appointed professors are well-respected figures in industry, finance, venture business, and the press. This is the first time that a university has ever asked such a large number of CEOs to join its faculty.

The school"s intention is to offer students various new and insightful perspectives on how business people from different sectors of the economy practice their leadership and creativity in the workplace. By learning from these seasoned professionals, students will be able to get a clear picture of what they need to do in order to mold themselves into successful businesswomen. Most useful for students will be the opportunity to hear real live examples of the experiences of these CEOs in their respective fields, as well as the chance to receive "insider" information on effective business management.

A number of lectures by the new professors have already been held during the month of April. The CEOs of Coreana Cosmetics, the Korea Enterprise Institute, Netian, Star Communication, and the CEO Consulting Group delivered a series of lectures that generated great student interest. Each professor will hold at least one lecture per semester.

Two new courses are scheduled to open in the fall semester: Business Strategy and International Marketing. The College of Business Administration is also planning to invite CEOs from multinational companies or well-known business people from abroad.

The listing below are two fixed lectures in this series that will be offered by the College of Business Administration this month. Hong Sung-won, the head of EASTSET Korea will give a lecture on May 21 at 12:30 p.m. in room 152 of the Ewha-POSCO Hall, and Cho Wang-ha, the vice president of Kolon Industries Inc. will lecture on May 22 at 11 a.m. in room 454 in the same building.

All lectures are open to students from other departments. Further lectures will be notified on the College of Business Administration homepage http://biz.

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