Re-admission For Married Students Starts In September
Re-admission For Married Students Starts In September
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  • 승인 2003.05.07 00:00
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The university will accept applications for re-admission of women who were originally expelled because of the now-abolished marriage ban system from May 12 to 30.

Ewha had adopted the system of banning undergraduate marriages in 1946 to allow women to receive their education without bearing the responsibilities of marriage. Records show that 12 students have been expelled, and many others left Ewha voluntarily to get married. Last January, Ewha publicized its decision to drop this system.

Applicants who wish to re-enter Ewha are required to submit a copy of their family registry to prove that they got married within six months after expulsion or withdrawal from the university.

Successful candidates will be announced this June so that they can start attending Ewha from the upcoming fall semester.

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