[Letter to the Ewha Voice] EV, Source of Motivation
[Letter to the Ewha Voice] EV, Source of Motivation
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  • 승인 2007.04.02 00:00
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By Kim Jae-won (English Literature, 3)


Frankly speaking, I rarely read Ewha Voice because my daily life consisted of many small things to do and English newspaper is more burdensome than Korean newspaper even though my major is English Literature. However, last semester, I had a chance to read Ewha Voice and found an article of my high school senior titled ‘Broader World, Broader View: Ewha Students Studying Abroad’. The story was that she went to Japan for an exchange student and had fun there studying and traveling in various places. Since then, I have read Ewha Voice every month, and I found many seniors, friends and now, it’s my turn.

The advantage Ewha Voice has is that it consists of our story, not a story of people who are not relevant with us. When I find someone who is superior in English debate or wins in a certain company’s competition, I can get impetus to my life. According to Ewha Voice, Ewha students are struggling to what they want, so it motivates me to think that I also can’t waste my time. Moreover, Ewha students not only study hard but do extracurricular act very actively. For example, one of my friends studies pharmacy but she plays dae-gum and draws pictures in her clubs. And another friend studies statistics but she acts very energetically in her tennis club. Plus, few days ago, I saw my friend’s article in The Ewha Weekly that she won the first prize in photo exhibition held in New York. Looking these, I’m very proud of being Ewha students and take heart of grace.

Ewha Voice not only gave me stimulation to my daily life but also gave information about the exchange student to France in the article of a student who is in France now. I, also, promise that I will do my best to be a good Ewha students and when I go to France for exchange student, I will try to give good impression to foreign students, and provide helpful information to many students about studying abroad when I come back as I received before.

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