Letter to the Ewha Voice
Letter to the Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2007.03.02 00:00
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 When I was a freshman, a friend asked me, "Do you know who won Mr. Ewha this year?" At that time, I never heard of Mr. Ewha. When I asked where she got that news from, she said it is on the Ewha Voice. From then, I began to enjoy reading the Ewha Voice every month.

 I especially like the 'society' section. The article on school work colliding with employment was an interesting story. From that article, I could think about the problems on students' struggling to get a job and it gave me a chance to consider again about my own career. I also liked the editorial criticizing the 'Day' culture like Valentine, White, ppaeppaero and so on. It gave me a different point of view on Korean's reckless cultural trend. Also, I could reflect on my own life. The Ewha Voice's articles which cover the issues related to the things around us enabled me to reconsider that I should think more deeply about the society. Another section I like is the 'Culture & Trend' which gives tidings of Ewha students. For example, the story about Ewha Voice reporters' sleepless nights was very interesting to me because I could know that there are many people who enjoy different lifetime at Ewha. That's why I love to read the 'Culture & Trend' section.

 However, I feel sorry that I could not find much information on diverse extracurricular activities in the paper. On last summer vacation, I planned to participate in work & travel program in the United States. So, I tried to find some news in the Ewha Voice, but I could not see any useful articles on it. One suggestion to make is covering new reports on international students extracurricular activities such as working holidays and work & travel programs.

  I hope that more Ewha students can enjoy Ewha Voice every month, and find some fresh and interesting information in there.

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