Q&As on Forming Relationship
Q&As on Forming Relationship
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Q. I only meet my high school friends because I do not have any friends at my university. How can I make new friends at Ewha?

             A: First of all, university is very different from high school. During high school, you are confined to a classroom with the same classmates. You sit in the same seat and associate with your classmates during school hours. So, you can easily make friends. However, it is not the same at a university. Even though students are in the same division or department, they each attend different classes and listen to lectures with different students. Thus, the relative chance to make friends naturally decreases.

             Therefore, you need to make an effort to make friends. So what kind of efforts do you have to make in order to meet great friends at Ewha? First, attend the freshmen orientation. Other students, seniors and professors of your major attend the orientation too. Thus, it will be an opportunity to learn more about Ewha and adjust to your new university life. Moreover, the freshmen orientation acts as a means to meet and make friends that are in the same major as you.

             In addition, try attending programs and events prepared by your division or department. These programs will not only help you map out your future plans but will also provide you the chance to talk to students in your major. Making friends may seem very simple, but you have to remember that at a university, you need to make an effort to make friends.  

Q: I am a student who wants to join a club. However, I do not think there is a club that fits my interest. Moreover, I feel awkward when I enter a club and meet new people. How can I find a club that suits me?

             A: If you find a club that suits you well, you will be able to enjoy what you like to do and meet a lot of friends, including both seniors and juniors. In order to find a club in which you can actively  particpate, think about your interests first. Then, visit the Ewha Plaza at the school homepage and look for a club that matches your interests. If you find a club that you want to join, determine when the club is recruiting new members or visit the club room. However, you need to remember that you should also make an effort to engage in good relationships with other students of the club. If you only think of the club as the place to enjoy your hobbies, it will not be easy for you to steady take part in the club for a long duration.

             When you first visit the club room and meet other students in the club, it is true that it may be awkward for you in the beginning. However, it is important to remember that this is the same for you as well as all other students. It is not always easy to feel comfortable around other people that you are meeting for the first time. However, you should not cease your participation in the club after going for one or two times because you feel like the people of the club do not welcome you. You will gradually get to know other students, get used to the club and find yourself enjoying your club activities.



*Source provided by the Ewha Student Counseling Center

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