College Of Liberal Arts Under Reconstruction And Reform
College Of Liberal Arts Under Reconstruction And Reform
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Some people say that Liberal Arts, the studies regarded as the basis of all others is facing a crisis. But the College of Liberal Arts at Ewha is preparing for a take-off into a positive direction.

First of all, the College of Liberal Arts is strengthening its faculty adviser system. The college reformed its freshmen seminar from this year to a one-on-one method.

A file will be made on each student to record the student"s development for four years. Professors will be able to advise students more easily with the files, and even when advisers change, the following professor will be have the record for student.

The professors in the College of Liberal Arts are also planning to create new majors. The criticism about Liberal Arts is that it lacks practicability. So, practical fields that are in demand will be made into majors, to exist side by side with existing majors.

The college will put more effort into students experience in employment. The college has appointed a career adviser to provide guidance for students in need of jop-related information, and will invite graduates who work in diverse fields to speak to undergraduates at special programs. "The reforms start from this year and we will see the results four years later," says Professor Chung Duk-ae, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

With such reforms, the College of Liberal Arts expects freshmen to natually allocate themselves in equal proportions to diffent departments even after the unification of the Division of Literatures and the Division of English Language & Literature in 2004.

According to Professor Chung, if the number of students in each divition are not dispersed relatively evenly, the college will make certain mandatory courses for fresfmen to take before they can choose their majors. Students who score above a standard grade in the mandatory courses set by the school administration will be allowed to enter that major.

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