Ewha Signs New Agreemwnt To Exempt Administrative Fees For UC Berkeley Summer Session Program
Ewha Signs New Agreemwnt To Exempt Administrative Fees For UC Berkeley Summer Session Program
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The International Education Institute(IEI) held an explanatory sesion for the 2003 Ewha-UC Berkeley Summer Session on Mar. 27 from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the LG Convention Center of the IEI Building. The occasion held to introduce and publicze upon Berkeley and the Ewha"s new agreement to exempt administration fees for credit transference.

The seminar began with the Managing Director of the IEI, Ally Cheon"s opening speech, followed by the Berkeley Summer Session Coordinator Skye Ward"s introduction of the program. "UC Berkeley is one of the top-notch schools of the United States. And being the best public school in the country, we are usually compared with other private schools such as Harvard or MIT," says Ward. Ward emphasized that this was a chance to gain valuable experience at an "affordable" price.

A Q&A session took place after the introductory video film of Berkeley screened during the session in which nearly 200 students were present.

In the past, students at Ewha who took summer course at Berkeley had to pay 50,000 won per courses as a credit each course as a credit transference fee. The school"s newly signed agreement with Berkeley will enable the students to be discharged of the administration fee for credit transference.

Another big advantage to students who apply to the summer session through the IEI office, is that Berkeley will accept the Ewha students on a preferencial basis. Enrollment and the process of attaining visas will be much easier and faster as well. This kind of agreement was first settled last year with universities such as Yonsei or ChoongAng, and has broaden this year to Ewha, Korea, and Pusan University. Other universities such as Kaist and Seoul National University will have to apply to the session either personally or through private agencies with commission fees.

According to the IEI, about 20 Ewha students participated in the summer session last year. ?

"It was really good because I got to experience a lot of reading, a lot of discussion, and a lot of interaction with professors and TA"s," says Jeong Su-min (French Lang. & Lit., 3). "I definitely would like to go back, if I can," she adds.

IEI reports that they expect an increase in number of students this year. ?

"I am really excited about this session, because I can experience a whole new world and learn about a totally different perspective on things," says Namgung Jae-eun (Philosophy, 4) who attended the session. "Hopefully this new agreement between schools will let our students benefit from this opportunity," she adds.

Any students who wants to participate in the program may turn in their applications to rm. 705 of the IEI Building until April 4 at 5:00 p.m. The application form can be downloaded from the IEI homepage (http://home.ewha.ac.kr/~iei). Further information on the program is listed on the IEI homepage as well.


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