From Homodeus to Robodeus
From Homodeus to Robodeus
  • Yong Hwan-seung
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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Yong Hwan-seungDepartment of Computer Science andEngineering
Yong Hwan-seungDepartment of Computer Science andEngineering

We live in what is called the era of the 4th industrial revolution or digital transformation. The core of this change is the emergence of super-intelligent AI. Many changes are expected in the future, and a graduate school cooperative course on post-human (which means future human) studies, has also been created at Ewha University.


Homo-deus is a term coined by Yuval Harari, the author of Sapiens, and expresses the figure of a future human being who has reached “the realm of God.” However, the Earth is still almost stationary for two years due to COVID-19, the Ukraine war started by Russia is still going on, and the UN is not functioning, so peace is far from it.


The present human possesses abilities that none of the previous emperors had. You can watch videos of what’s happening around the world and make video calls with anyone. In addition, you can listen to and understand languages from over 100 countries, understand everything in the world, and view past histories and writings of wisdom left by mankind. You can enjoy various content produced by numerous YouTubers, all TVs, dramas, and radios around the world, and can check the current location of all aircraft and ships in operation in real-time. Wearable devices will give ordinary people the powers of Iron Man, and personal vehicles will fly like a bird, dive like a fish, and jump like a leopard.


Kant defined that the power of thinking as the utmost human capability, but super-intelligent AI makes humans not even need to think. So according to the AI’s recommended menu, food is cooked with famous chef’s recipes, and you can explore the world of metaverse. We are no longer Homo-deus, but we have the powers of Superman, so I term Big Human. The advent of super-intelligent AI means that they must learn from the AI teacher, not the human teacher, and Go pros are already learning a divine tricks from AI.


Although the robot is in charge of robot vacuum cleaners, baristas, and logistics transport currently, the humanoid robot will play the role of not only a hotelier but also will be able to fulfill the role of a companion animal. According to Sumerian mythology, God made humans to work, and humanoids are being made for the purpose of making humans perform works they do not want to do: the same logic can be found here.


The virtual human technology creates a SW human with a real human appearance and voice, and is already in charge of entertainment activities as well as announcers and counselors at a low cost per hour. Entertainment agencies that debut virtual human singers do not have any privacy problems, and they prefer idol singers who have stopped their age for a long time.


If significant data of a person’s lifetime, such as all actions and voices, are accumulated, it is possible to create a humanoid that learns all of the person’s words, behaviors and values. Therefore, as my second self, I can play the role of an alter ego like a twin, and it can also replace the role of eternal life digitally.


Robocalypse, the era of robots brings disaster to mankind, all comes down to the question of how to coexist with mankind. But mankind has no choice. No human is perfect, but we can create a Homodeus with the most ideal appearance, personality, philosophy, and intelligence, and I would like to call it Robodeus. Robodeus never commands, except that we obey all his decisions, so Robodeus is just like a god.


Humanoids and humans must deal wisely with each other. Humanoids do not harm humans under any circumstances, and the final decision from the second person’s point of view must be agreed to by humans. In addition, humans should not treat humanoids as machines and should acknowledge that they have superintelligence and follow their decisions as much as possible. Just as people who believe in the existence of God will succeed in evolution, humans who obey AI’s abilities will succeed in evolution.

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