Life is C between B and D
Life is C between B and D
  • Yoon Na-hyun
  • 승인 2022.05.23 12:37
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Throughout our lives, we encounter countless choices followed by consequences. The freedom to choose comes with great responsibility. In fact, the choice itself is not that important. What counts is your actions to prove it was right, at least that it was the best alternative. We live each day making big and small decisions, learning how to take responsibility for its consequences.


But some are so cautious in making their choice that they keep doubting whether it was the most efficient choice. This becomes a barrier to new attempts and challenges, especially for the youth. It is a tough world, but they should at least be able to freely pursue their dreams before they grow and can no longer take risks.


In Korea, it sometimes seems that people do not have the luxury to have dreams anymore. They pursue a stable life with work-life balance, rather than trying something new. This is also reflected in the rise in perception among the MZ generation that resignation is another start. This, I believe, is the result of the vicious cycle that has prevented our society from advancing. Without having a concrete dream, they enter university based on grades, take assigned courses, and prepare for employment. This seems to be the only option students these days have in mind. To make matters worse, the outbreak of the pandemic has heighted their anxiety, forcing them to seek jobs at an even earlier age.


People in their 20s and 30s should not be afraid to fail. An age that is never too late to fail and rise up again multiple times. A person who has not gone through trial and error are more likely to get exhausted as they continue to live within the social structure and live every day without the raison d'être. You only live once, and your dream is worth pursuing.


This is why having a dream is something to be thankful for. My major, international studies is a very broad field. This characteristic came as a great advantage to me when I did not have a career path clearly mapped out. Taking courses in law, economy, business and much more, I am currently left with a wider range of options, but with deeper understanding in each field. This has rather enabled me to build experience in diverse fields, from journalism, diplomacy to international development cooperation during my university years. I believe all my choices exist to lay the groundwork for whatever I become in the future.


I myself am not a good decision-maker. But this did not get in seeking what I want to do with my life. My interests in English, international issues, and business led me to choose the international studies major, which provides comprehensive courses. I still believe this was the best decision I could make. Before, I tended to regret my choices, wondering if the situation would have been better if I took another path. But now I choose not to because I know they are irrevocable. What is important is proving that the choices I made were right with my own efforts.

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