[A Peek into Graduate School]Graduate School of Medicine Opens its Arms Wide
[A Peek into Graduate School]Graduate School of Medicine Opens its Arms Wide
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▲ Photo provided by College of Medicine.Soon, we will have doctors from various backgrounds.

By Shim Keum-jo


   Wanting to become a doctor is a dream that many of us would have thought about in our childhood years. But, as we grow up we begin to realize that it is not as easy as we think and let go of that ambition. However, beginning in 2007, with the launch of the Graduate School of Medicine, that long lost dream will become easier to realize. The door to becoming a doctor will be flung open to all undergraduate students regardless of majors.
  From 2005, the College of Medicine began its transformation to the Graduate School of Medicine. With students admitted in 2004 being the last, the College of Medicine no longer selects undergraduate students to be Medicine majors. 
  The transformation to the Graduate School is being smoothly carried out so that by 2007 undergraduate medicine majors will be in their second year of a four-year medical program (having completed the two-year pre-medical program), and the 76 new students for the Graduate School will be in their first year.
  ncluding Ewha?, a total of ten universities in the nation have similarly transformed their Colleges of Medicine into Graduate Schools of Medicine. Lee Ji-hyun (Medicine, 1), an undergraduate student admitted in 2004 says, ?ince the newly chosen students will have to study what we study for six years just in four years, I think this change will create a much more competitive atmosphere.?The new curriculum puts stress on the Basic Medical Sciences, and extends the time for small group discussions and active studying with peers instead of the traditional teaching method of lectures and memorizing. Also, volunteer activities are encouraged. In addition, by incorporating a global woman leadership program, the graduate school will have active exchange with sister schools abroad and meet the needs of those who want to pursue a different career other than a doctor such as a researcher or scientist in relevant fields.
  In order to apply for the Graduate School of Medicine, one must have a Bachelors degree from a four year (or more) university, regardless of whether it is a Korean or a foreign university, an official English test score such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and TEPS, and test results from the Medical Education Eligibility Test.
  The admittance tests are held twice a year, in June and October. The tests include a 15 to 25 minute interview. ?tudents are given a passage in English. The interviews test students on their ability in understanding the text, problem solving, and knowledge,?says Professor Han Hoo-jae, Director of Admissions Office of Ewha? Medical College.

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