Reporters Leaving the Ewha Voice
Reporters Leaving the Ewha Voice
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   Kim Na-hyun
   Ewha Voice office: This place witnessed so much of us. It eavesdropped on endless conversations we shared; listened to all the songs we hummed along; and had to stand the smell and stains of incalculable amount of meals and snacks we ate. Basically, it saw us growing up for three years from embarrassing to proud moments.
Ewha Voice papers: At first, it was one of few causes of our existence but it soon became one of many other vital reasons. It has traces of us bringing up all the memories we have gone through while making it. It shows the top news we chose for the month; pictures we have taken; our changing interests and thoughts as time pass by; layouts we have tried; people we met for the interview; being picky on choosing a "quote of the month" hours of discussions we made deciding on the topic of the articles; and panicking moments after finding a typo.
   Ewha Voice people: Seniors, juniors, colleagues, teachers, and professors all involved in Ewha Voice are the presents I cherish the most out of my three years in college. Especially, my colleagues, my soul mates, gave me so many happy moments. Many times, they were my inspiration, motivation, and energy of my life. There were moments when they were me and I was them, which made us one. Although we are four quite different people from different backgrounds, we are also very similar. We all are very stubborn and have a clear opinion of our own. But we love each other dearly although we are still shy about expressing our love to each other. Despite the difference, because we love each other, this makes us the complete jigsaw puzzle that fits so well. Even if we will be taking separate roads from now on, I know you guys will always be with me in the form of habits I learned from you and of course, in my heart as well.

   Kim Tae-yeon
   If anyone were to ask me to choose one word to describe Ewha Voice, I would say endurance. This does not mean that responsibility, passion, devotion and cooperation are not equally important. It's just that endurance is what maintains all others.
Ever since my freshman year, I faced many challenges that were too many to even list. There were many times when I broke down in tears in the bathroom door number 2 at the Alumnae Building. There were times when I just wanted to quit and leave. There were times when I felt that it was my limit. However, I can proudly say that I have endured all these because of the intimate bonds I had with my friends, seniors and juniors. Through endurance, I tasted the victory that only the Ewha Voice alumnae know.
   To my colleagues: You girls could not have been better. You are special because of who you are, and I am grateful to have you guys as my friends. Well done!
To my seniors: You are the ones who have brought me up to who I am now. Thank you for your understanding and patience!
   To my juniors: I have no doubt that you girls will do fine without us. I know that you will face so many challenges that you cannot even count. However, just remember that you are not the first, and we are here if you need us. Enjoy the time you have left!
   To professors: Thank you so much. You are the best!
   Now that I am leaving, I can see that everything I enjoyed was a true blessing. I will miss the office, the computers, my desk, the sofa, and the privileges as a student reporter. Not to mention the little chats I had in the office with other reporters. Now that my three long years have come to an end, I understand the true meaning of "Time flies when you are having fun!"

   Lee Eun-a
   A wine expert will tell you that the quality of wine is not determined so much by how old it is, but more by how it was preserved within those years. Three years of dedication means so much, not because it is three years, but because of how it was spent. The first was spent dashing around campus in a mad spree to find fodder for campus plaza. The second was spent writing and rewriting articles, meeting deadlines which seemed like a threat to life longevity. The third and final was a year of making decisions that at times seemed reflexive, but hopefully turned out to be rational.
The irony though, is what is left? I am now left, with a mind-full of only the sweet memories and three special friends who will also be racking their brains trying to fit three years into one paragraph. We are indebted to all those who read these pages. And will miss each moment, very much.

   Lim Rhie-young
   At first, it was a mere frosh-like admiration for journalism and the subtle prestige of attaining membership to the organiztion that fuelled me to apply for Ewha Voice. After three years of living as a cub reporter, staff reporter, and finally an editor of Ewha Voice, however, I realize that the lessons I've been endowed with far surpass the reasons that have led me to it in the very beginning. Of course, I've come to write more structured and disciplined style of feature news with the incessant and painfully frank corrections provided by Professor Kipp. Nevetheless, what I am left with now, is something that cannot be technically or rationally measured, but something that simply lives within me as Ewha Voice has established the person I am. Indeed, it has reflected both my frailties and weaknesses as well as strengths. As I move forward in my trails of life, Ewha Voice will remain as part of me and perhaps of all the three that are leaving with me, in our opening of the next chapter. Buena suerte, all of my loved ones in Ewha Voice. I wish the upcoming journeys will grow and love you, just like this organization has for me and the three chummies.

   From Spring 2004 to Fall 2006, Kim Na-hyun (International Studies, 3), Kim Tae-yeon (Journalism, 3), Lee Eun-a (Television & Film, 3), and Lim Rhie-young (International Studies, 3) dedicated themselves to writing the 8-page student newspaper for our readers. Thank you!

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