Ewha to Build Education and Research Complex at Paju
Ewha to Build Education and Research Complex at Paju
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  • 승인 2006.11.01 00:00
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By Kim Ji-young

On October 11, Ewha president Lee Bae-yong, Geyong-gi Provincial Governor Kim Moon-soo, and Paju City Major Yoo Hwa-seon signed a memorandum announcing a plan to build an Education and Research Complex at Paju inGeyong-gi Province.

The Education and Research Complex will include facilities for undergraduate students to learn foreign languages and institutions which will train students in women’s leadership. However, the complex will not be a second campus. All Ewha students will study at the Sinchon campus as usual. Students would go to the complex only when there are special occasions like special lectures or training sessions on leadership or foreign language. The complex will also include an industrial-educational cooperative research center, a dormitory for foreign professors, and a continuing education center for Ewha alumnae.

 “I was looking for a proper place to establish a complex to raise global minded leaders near Seoul since I was inaugurated as Ewha President,” said President Lee. “Since Paju City is not only a city of a long history and tradition but also contains a large high-tech industrial complex. Ewha decided that Paju City is the most appropriate place for nurturing global leaders with humanity and intelligence.”

The Education and Research Complex will be expected to cover an area of about 300,000 pyeong at its maximum including about 75,000 pyeong of land returned by the U.S. military. The complex will be only 30 to 40 minutes away from Ewha after building the subway is extended from Yongsan to Moonsan, so that it will be easy to approach from the Sinchon campus.



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