Ewha On-Air: Radio show connects students
Ewha On-Air: Radio show connects students
  • Yoon Na-hyun, Im Jung-hyun
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Toosaa, a drama club, sold cross pouches and reusable cups for thisyear’s Daedong Festival. Photo provided by Toosaa
Toosaa, a drama club, sold cross pouches and reusable cups for this year's Daedong Festival. Photo provided by Toosaa

Ewha held the 135th Daedong Festival, an annual school festival where students gather to host events and sell goods, from Sept. 15 to 17. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most events were held online. This year, the event planning team of the Student Government Association (SGA) organized a visual radio show, Ewha On-Air, for students to share and listen to memorable moments at Ewha. Ewha On-Air was divided into two parts: the former on proud moments at Ewha and the latter on frenzied experiences during college life.


In the first part of the show, two alumni YouTuber guests, Ubaba and Jaewooner were invited. They shared the results of a bingo that they had filled in with moments they felt proud of Ewha. Some examples that showed up in the bingo were finding out that someone who they thought highly of was an Ewha graduate, or setting their phone background as a photo of Ewha.


The guests, along with the hosts, read a total of three stories. They began with the story of a student who was consoled by a senior and a graduate after writing a self-reproaching post on Everytime, a student platform. As she had entered school in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, she was distressed about how she compared herself with other students and that she was unable to enjoy campus life. Nevertheless, she felt the warmth of Ewha through the online community when she was told that she should be proud of herself for being an Ewha student and that she could always contact her seniors whenever she had a hard time.


The hosts introduced another story about a student who went on a working holiday in New Zealand to make meaningful memories. “Although I was expecting to take a break from academic stress, I ran out of money and had to look for jobs shortly after,” she said. “It was when I participated at a job interview that made me feel proud of Ewha. Both the interviewer and branch manager turned out to be Ewha alumni, and they actively helped me look for a workplace, even inviting me to the alumni reunion. That was when I felt reassured even in a foreign country and realized that there are Ewha alumni everywhere.”

The first part of the radio show ended with a story about a freshman who felt appreciative of how the seniors asked whether she was vegan every time they met. Whereas the current society tends to suppress difference, she felt that Ewha students showed respect for everyone with diverse tastes, which made her reflect on her actions and whether she was considerate of others.


After sharing the stories, the hosts held a live vote on the most impressive story. First prize went to the story about the experience of solidarity among graduates in New Zealand.


The second part of Ewha On-Air was the Crazy Award. The Crazy Award is given to the students who sent in the craziest stories about the categories of the exam period, course registration, and school life.


“Three days before the first midterm exam in the first semester, I headed to school to study,” the winner of the exam period category said. “I settled down at school and did everything there: studying, doing assignments, preparing exams, having meals, and even sleeping.”


She slept in a chair, and as soon as she woke up, she immediately went to the bathroom. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and resumed studying. After the last exam, it was the 18th day since she had begun living at school. She stayed at school for 15 days in the same way during the final exam period and got a GPA of 4.19.


“In my freshman year, my first course registration ended up with only six credits,” the winner of the course registration category said. “My only hope was to send an email to the professors to increase the enrollment limit.”


She expressed her desire and expectations for the lecture by linking a class she had heard and a book she had read in high school with the contents of the syllabus. For major prerequisites, she emphasized her desperation by linking the reason she applied to this major with she was in high school. As a result, among the five courses she sent emails to, three professors increased the number of students in their courses. The course registration was successful as well.


“I am taking 20 credits this semester because I have two double majors, and I am in my ninth and last semester,” the winner of the school life category said. “After taking these 20 credits, I will graduate with 195 credits.” 


However, if she fills it up a little more, it will be 200 credits. So she is planning to take five more credits in the winter semester and graduate with 200 credits. There is no other reason except that she feels satisfied with a round number. She is auditing additional two courses because she feels bad that this is her last semester at Ewha.


Each winner was decided by vote. Not only the hosts who read the story themselves but also the viewers of the live show responded that the winners deserved to win. Indeed, it was a time to get a glimpse of the “craziness” of students at Ewha.

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