More than just an animal: A friend and family for life
More than just an animal: A friend and family for life
  • Kim Jae-eun
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Division of English Language and Literature
Kim Jae-eunDivision of International Studies
Kim Jae-eun
 Division of English Language and Literature 

At least once in a lifetime, most of us would have experienced a sudden desire for a pet before, and so have I. There was no specific reason. I simply adored animals, they were cute, and as an only child they seemed like the perfect substitute for a sibling. Unfortunately, my parents were not enthusiastic about the idea of having a pet as I was. To them, a pet was just a being that cost money, time, and a waste of feelings. However, when we adopted our baby cat, their point of view changed completely.


Our currently 8-months-old cat Aqu came to us through a local website where people could adopt cats. Our family strongly opposed against buying animals since we knew so well where the consequences of buying one could lead to, such as more promotion of forced animal pregnancy and the obsession of getting pure breed cats. Aqu is also a munchkin that is a breed that has genetically short legs, which makes them popular and expensive. She was bought from a pet shop from the previous owner, then got abandoned due to allergic reactions from the owner, who obviously did not get tested before getting a cat. Aqu was in poor condition when she first came to us, having ears infected with mites and a runny nose.


After weeks of treatment and ointments, Aqu is now healthier than ever with shining green eyes and sleek fur. Even my parents who were first skeptical about having a pet are in love with her, always getting her treats and toys. Even though I never had children before, I could just feel the motherly love growing inside of me for her. Even when she meowed so much at night and she woke me up, or when she would scratch my curtains apart, I could simply just never get mad at her. The way she would purr and rub against my legs every morning, or the way she simply stared at me with those round big eyes would make my heart glow with love for something I never felt before in my life.


Having a cat also made me more aware of how buying animals is a horrible thing to do, and the fact it does not help promote the welfare of animals at all. As long as there is demand, supply would also exist and so many innocent animals would be born, waiting to be bought in a little cage for a long time. I also became very interested in not supporting animal testing in cosmetics. Chemicals used for the products are injected into animals’ bodies, which is an immoral and cruel process.


Ever since my family has adopted Aqu, every morning has been a blessing and joy to me. Family members were able to bond closer due to the new common interest among us, and the lonely feeling when there was nobody to greet me when I came home was not there anymore. All this helped me realize, there is so much more responsibility and required tasks for having a pet, but it is all worth the love and happiness.

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