How well do you know history?
How well do you know history?
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1.       Name in chronological order the Korean Kingdoms, starting from the Ko-Chosun Kingdom.

2.       Who founded the Balhae Kingdom, and what country was he from?

3.       What is the name of the military organization that Shilla used to unify the Three Kingdoms?

4.       Which country (the country’s name that was used at that time, not its current name) helped Shilla unify the Three Kingdoms?

5.       Who is the first King of the Koryo Kingdom?

6.       Buddhism was first accepted by the Three Kingdoms, in the following order: Koguryo , Paekche and then Shilla. True or False?

7.       When did “Sung Confucianism” (the most prominent philosophy in Korea) first spread in Korea?

8.       Name the five educational objectives (also called the Five Precepts in the Secular World) of the Shilla military organization.

9.       The Korean War took place from 1950 to 1953. True or False?

10.   Korea was annexed to Japan in 1905, according the Eulsa Treaty (Protectorate Treaty of 1905). True or False?

11.   America was the first country that Korea signed a modern treaty with, in 1882. True of False?

12.   The Japanese looted the Korean artifacts from the Wekuyjanggak, a building for storing books the Chosun Dynasty during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895). True or False?

13.    The first president of Korea was Park Jung-hee, in 1948. True or False?

14.    Korea used to have a parliamentary cabinet system, but President Park Jung-hee changed it into a presidential system in 1962. True or False?

15.  The Japanese ruled in Korea from 1910-1945. True or False?

Source: Korean History, Korean Modern History (High school textbook)

Answer Key:

1.       Ko-Joseon, the Three Kingdoms, Unified Shilla, Koryo Kingdom, Joseon Kingdom.

2.       Tae Cho-young, a former general of Koguryo

3.       Hwarang

4.       Tang

5.       Wan Kon

6.       True.

7.       The Koryo Dynasty

8.       1) loyalty to the monarch, 2) filial piety to parents , 3) amicability among friends , 4) no retreat in war,  and 5) aversion to unnecessary killing

9.       True.

10.   The Eulsa Treaty snatched away diplomatic rights; Korea was annexed in 1910.

11.   False. The first modern treaty was signed with Japan in 1876. America is the first Western country in which signed a modern treaty with Korea.

12.   False. It was during the French invasion of 1866.

13.   False. It was Syungman Rhee, who was president from 1948-1960.

14.   True. The only time Korea had a parliamentary cabinet system (like Great Britain and Japan) was from 1960-1961 (approximately eight months), until the coup in May 16 lead by Park Jung-hee.

15.   True.

Less than 5: Start studying.

5~10: Not bad.

10~15: Pat yourself on the back.

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