Ewha Drops Marriage Ban From This Spring
Ewha Drops Marriage Ban From This Spring
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Ewha decided to accept married women from this semester. Scraping its century-old tradition of banning mariage among undergraduate students, Ewha expects to offer equal rights of education to married women as well.

In the school’s representative meeting, many agreed to eliminate the current policy and the university announced its new decision on January 22. The new policy is being applied from March 1.

A school spokesman said, "We decided to drop the prohibition as the educational environment has undergone many changes since the school set the singles-only rule in 1946. At that time, women"s marriage was regarded as the end to an educational opportunity. However, we now understand that the regulation might cause discrimination in a way and decided to scrap it."

Since the time Ewha opened in 1946, students had to submit a notarized copy of their family registry. This document that showed the marital status of each member was to be turned in with their applications for admission. Supported by the regulation, Ewha has been forcing married students either to withdraw or give up a degree.

Last November, the National Human Rights Commission found the regulation discriminatory and informed the university. Students complaints affected the decision since many student organizations, including the Student Government Association (SGA) fervently advocated the banning of the regulation.

However, the school policy to save students who withdrew or gave up degrees in the past is not set as of yet. The new policy is to scrap the regulation from now on and accept admission without checking the marital status of the students. The school is planning to announce the specific measures and ways to provide re-entry opportunities to the students this spring.

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