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Student Scope
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   Nowadays, the metro-sexual look is the top topic in men? fashion. In the past, men themselves thought that men should be strong, masculine, and indifferent to their looks. Since the two World Wars, however, male-dominated militaristic culture has gradually diversified. So, traditional macho-looking men do not necessarily define the sole image of men anymore. These days, many men consider looks to be important and are fashion-sensitive. There are many other new concepts regarding men's new image, like uber-sexual and cross-sexual. The following are students's thoughts on the issue.

Byeon Dan-bee (Liberal Arts, 1): In today? society, different roles for women and men are disappearing. As women? participation in the working world is growing, metro-sexualism has become popular today. I think this phenomenon is a positive one because men? appearance is becoming more tidy.
Jeong Na-ra (Business Administration, 3): We all think that appearance is one of our main values. It is human nature to look beautiful, so I believe metrosexuals should be embraced rather than criticized.
Heo Min-jung (Social Studies Education, 4): Nowadays, values in our society are changing. I believe it is unfair to impose one type of behavior on one gender to be a certain way so metro-sexualism is a suitable concept for this period.

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