School constructs new online learning spaces
School constructs new online learning spaces
  • Lee Seo-yeon, Lee Jin
  • 승인 2021.04.12 13:22
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With the pandemic persisting for over a year, Ewha has designed new learning spaces to help students with their online education. The High- tech lecture room is currently available for student use in Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), and the new Ewha-Posco Building Online Learning Space were opened to students on April 5. In addition, Self- Studios have been opened for professors in Education Building A, Esther Building, and Helen Hall.


An official from the school’s Office of Education Innovation gave an explanation about the new facilities. The Online Learning Space was designed to satisfy the needs of students, who wished to take online classes on campus.


“The pre-existing laboratory of the Ewha-Posco Building was only limited to the usage of public computers, so we decided to change it and construct an Online Learning Space,” she said. “As the facilities of the laboratory were already worn out, the school decided to take the opportunity to build learning spaces that not only guarantee the latest technology but also provide independent places for students to study.”


The school has paid special attention to constructing facilities such as private booths and places where students can use their own smart devices. The High-tech lecture room was designed to solve the problem of students having a hard time interacting with one another by using a system that tracks and delivers the voices of students participating in person to those participating online.


The school recently held an idea contest regarding the official name of the Online Learning Space from March 19 to 31. Along with the idea contest, the school is attempting various ways to promote the space, utilizing online platforms.


In addition to the Online Learning Space, three Self- Studios were built to offer the professors more convenient ways to conduct online lectures. This also enables students to receive higher quality lectures. The school is planning various types of studios to satisfy the needs of online meetings, TED lectures, and international exchanges done online.

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