[Sleepless In Ewha] Drawing into the Night
[Sleepless In Ewha] Drawing into the Night
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▲ [Photo by Kim Ji-sun]Unforgettable memories are also reflected in the art pieces.

By Shim Keum-jo

   "Sleepless nights are an everyday thing for Art majors,"begins Jung Da-eun (Fiber Arts, 3) as she spills out her memories of numerous nights spent at Ewha to finish her assignments. Unlike Visual Information or Industry Design majors, who mostly work on the computers, Fiber Art, Sculpture, or Ceramic Art majors do not have much of a choice when it comes to deciding where to settle down to start on a new art piece.
   In particular, two major art exhibitions deprive many Art majors of sleep­for juniors, it is the May exhibition and for seniors, it is the graduate exhibition in November. "For the exhibitions, we start working from the beginning of the semester. When it nears the day for show time, we practically stay up the whole week,"says Jung.
   Her nights spent at Ewha seem to be filled with both fun and tough times. "In winter, the steam heating system, and even hot water stop coming out after 10:00 p.m. in the buildings. I remember spending the night finishing off my assignment huddled in a blanket with hot packs,"reminisces Jung. But Jung also mentions the good times. "The memories I cherish are those with friends. We would order snacks at night, listen to the radio, and boyfriends would drop by with a bundle of things to eat,"adds Jung.
   Asked whether having to stay up many nights is hard, Jung says, "When the professor's idea does not match with that of the students, that is when it becomes difficult. Sleeplessness is not a problem compared with that." Despite the fact that her memories of spending nights at Ewha are not always pleasant ones, they are what makes her feel all the more proud when she stands in front of her completed art pieces. "Seeing my artwork on display, I remember the cold times during the winter nights and the blank-minded times I walked around campus due to lack of sleep. But it is those hard times and the fact that I withstood it that gives me the sense of achievement,"says Jung.


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