Beopgochangshin: President Kim Eun-mee’s motto for Ewha
Beopgochangshin: President Kim Eun-mee’s motto for Ewha
  • Park Ju-won
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President Kim Eun-mee addresses her inaugural speech. Photo by Shen Yu-yan.
President Kim Eun-mee addresses her inaugural speech. Photo by Shen Yu-yan.


A farewell and inauguration ceremony was held for the President of Ewha Womans University on Feb. 26 at Kim Young-ui Hall. The ceremony bid farewell to the 16th President Kim Hei-sook and welcomed the newly elected 17th President Kim Eun-mee.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony was broadcasted live on Ewha’s official YouTube channel. The event ran for 50 minutes, starting with the 16th President Kim Hei-sook’s farewell address and an award ceremony recognizing her contribution. The former president expressed her gratitudefor having been able to safely end her term. She also was proud that her administration was able to bring about many positive changes: theamendment of general education policies, the implementation of software education programs, and a six-year transition of the College of Pharmacy. She thanked all Ewha members who strived to make changes with her during the last four years.


This was followed by the 17th President Kim Eun-mee’s oath of office, a presentation with the University Key, and delivery of her inaugural address. In her address, the newly elected president highlighted the struggles Ewha is facing today, emphasizing that Ewha will tackle the obstacles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through beopgochangshin. This Korean term means creating innovation through the lessons of the past. Kim claimed that Ewha’s history of revolutionary women and change will be the key to educating leading students who will solve the problems of the future.


Kim additionally emphasized the importance of creating pioneering educational programs to make Ewha a leader in the digital society, forming a research-oriented university, and implementing MediCluster, which integrates Ewha’s Mokdong Hospital, Seoul Hospital, and Sinchon campus.

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