Nigerian Ambassador's Wife Receives Best Thesis Award
Nigerian Ambassador's Wife Receives Best Thesis Award
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  • 승인 2003.03.05 00:00
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Agnes Odu (47), the wife of the Nigerian Ambassador to Korea A.A. Obi Odu, received the Best Thesis Award during the 2003 Graduation Ceremony held on Feburary 25.

Odu came to Korea with her husband three years ago. She entered the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Ewha in 2001, at Professor Kim Eun-mee"s (GSIS) suggestion. After two years of hard work, she attained her Master"s degree, and received the award.

Her graduation thesis, "Child Labor­An Aspect of Child Abuse," introduced the child abuse problem in Nigeria. She says, "At the moment, many children cannot go to schools and beg on the streets of Nigeria. There are also five to 16 children in a family, which is such a great number that parents can"t properly care for them. Additionally, many parents cannot read or write and thus can"t educate their children."

Odu returned home at the end of February, along with her husband, who will take a different post in Nigeria.

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