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HOKMA College of General Education
Christopher LinvilleHOKMA College of General Education
Christopher Linville
HOKMA College of General Education

​​​​​​​Life is full of twists, turns, and traps. Navigating existence can be a frustrating endeavor. However, there is one way to ensure a smoother journey—it’s all about being specific! And here’s three scenarios where specificity can be your greatest ally.

1. Get that Job

You’re interviewing for a research position at Samsung Electronics and they’ve just asked, “Why are you interested in working for our company?”

Nervously, you reply, “Samsung is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, image sensors, camera modules, displays and various other things. I want to be a part of a company on the cutting edge of such technology.”

Your generic answer doesn’t impress anyone. Not only do you sound like your quoting Wikipedia, but you’ve lost an opportunity to sell yourself.

Instead, be prepared for this question. Craft an answer that sticks out. In other words, be specific!

“Most of my senior year was spent researching the use of wireless technology for home automation. More specifically, I studied nest integration with various products such as Samsung’s SmartThings Hub. I’d really love to work with a team of people at Samsung to further my research in this area.”

Unlike the former, this answer rings with a sincere interest, says something about you, and most importantly indicates what you can contribute to the company.

2. Form a Deep Connection

You sit down next to someone on your first day of a film studies class. In attempt to get to know them, you start up a conversation:

You: So, do you watch a lot of films?
Classmate: Sure.
You: What do you like to watch?
Classmate: Oh, everything. Netflix is always on.
You: What do you recommend?
Classmate: What are you interested in?
You: Anything.

Okay, let’s stop right there. This conversation is so flat, so dull, full of ordinary questions and bland answers. What can you do? Be specific! Let’s try this again:

You: So, do you watch a lot of films?
Classmate: Sure.
You: What’s your favorite genre?
Classmate: Psychological thrillers.
You: Do you like Vertigo?
Classmate: Vertigo is amazing!
You: What do you think the color green symbolizes in the film?
Classmate: Ghosts of course!
You: And Scottie’s obsession with Madeleine. Don’t you think so?

There we go. That’s more like it. Now the passion is flowing out. Now deeper connections are being formed.

Of course, you might not always click with everyone you meet, but as they say in the movie biz—quit the small talk and cut to the chase.

3. Be a Smart Shopper

You need a new laptop, so you’re browsing the latest models at an Apple store. A salesperson approaches and asks, “What kind of laptop are you looking for?”

“Something with a lot of power,” you reply.

What a terrible answer! An answer that might lead you to buying something that’s way overpriced or doesn’t at all fit your needs.

A better route to take is to arm yourself with knowledge before you make any purchase. For example, if you need a laptop that can handle some heavy video editing, find out what kind of power you need and tell the salesperson that. In other words, be specific!

“What kind of laptop are you looking for”

“I need something with at least 64g of ram. I’m dealing with 8k footage in 10bit.”

With an answer like that, the salesperson will see that you’re a serious buyer and will help you accordingly.

To sum up: Stop giving general answers. Avoid asking bland questions. Curb your vagueness. Instead, use your brand-new superpower. Be specific as much as possible!

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