Breast Cancer Medicine Discovered
Breast Cancer Medicine Discovered
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By Choi Yoon-ji

   Professor Shin Yoon-yong, Kim Dae-kee (Pharmacy) and their research team have developed a new medicine for breast cancer. Discovered through joint industry-academic research with SK Chemical and In2Gen, the medicine named IN-2001, inhibits the cellular activity of the hormone histone deacetylase. Because IN-2001 operates along a different path than currently existing breast cancer drugs, it is also effective on patients who have built up a resistance to other drugs.
   ? was overwhelmed by the results. It is also significant that we tested IN-2001 on transgenic mice, which enabled us to acquire as close a result as possible to testing on a human subject,?said Professor Shin.
   But behind the team results, there were uncountable sleepless nights for professors and researchers working at the laboratory. Researcher Min Kyung-nan (Pharmacy) said ?e could bear the hardship of not seeing our families often only because we were able to satisfy that empty space right here at the laboratory.?The research, which started in 2003 is now patent pending in the U.S. and will be released after its first clinical trials are completed in 2008.

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