School announces summer semester schedules
School announces summer semester schedules
  • Joe Hee-young
  • 승인 2020.05.30 00:08
  • 수정 2020.06.01 19:37
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Students are concerned about where to stay for summer courses as no cleardormitory announcements have been made. Illustrated by Joe Hee-young.
Students are concerned about where to stay for summer courses as no cleardormitory announcements have been made. Illustrated by Joe Hee-young.


Following the COVID-19 outbreak, not only has the schedule for the 2020 summer semester been postponed, but the regulations for hosting offline classes have also been altered. The school proposed on May 14 that it will leave the decision to the professors whether to hold classes online or offline.

As the decisions are made independently by each professor, it falls to students to check the course syllabus of each class to verify whether it will be held online or offline.

Students responded positively to the school’s decision. A student from the Division of International Studies who wished to remain anonymous mentioned that she believes it was reasonable that the school decided to allow classes to be held online.

“Unlike the spring semester, since the summer courses are only held for a month, I think it will be fine to have classes online,” the student said. “Furthermore, as the pandemic persists, I am relieved to be able to listen to classes online.”

Lee Do-ri, a sophomore majoring in Cyber Security also welcomed the idea of online classes.
“I am personally delighted with online classes because I feel they are much more time-efficient compared to offline classes,” Lee said.

Nonetheless, concerns about the spread of the virus rose regarding classes that may be held offline during the summer semester. To take a class offline, some students will have to reside in the dormitory, which is one of the multi-use facilities for which the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters is considering executing an on-site quarantine inspection.

The school has not yet provided a solution to the housing problem. As to whether the dormitory will partially accept students similar to how they have for the spring semester, the Housing Office cannot provide a clear response.

Despite this uncertainty, along with the announcement for 2020 summer course registration, the school announced a second round of limited dormitory registration. Only students who can prove that it is necessary for them to reside in the dormitory due to offline tests or research activities can apply for it.

Concerning the school allowing dormitory residence with constraints, relief was initially expressed among students.

“I think it was the right decision for the school to accept students in the dormitory,” said Lee Hae-rin, a sophomore from Cyber Security. “I suspect that as long as students stay inside and wear masks, it is less likely that the virus will spread.”

Nevertheless, Lee expressed frustration that no announcement concerning dormitory access for the summer semester has been made.

“It’s understandable that the school reviews the matter with care in light of the nationwide situation,” Lee said. “But as a student, I can’t help but feel agitated because of the inconsistency of the residency.”

Additionally, Lee mentioned that as online classes also require on-campus activities such as quizzes, the late announcements are making her impatient.

When students were asked whether they would prefer having constraints for dormitory acceptance for safety reasons, their responses differed. While an anonymous student believed such measures were positive and should be strengthened, Lee preferred leaving the decision to the students.

Lastly, the Housing Office indicated that the announcement concerning the dormitory is planned to be speedily reported in accordance with the summer course schedules.

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