[Theme] Reading the Subtext of Your Speech
[Theme] Reading the Subtext of Your Speech
  • Ewha Voice
  • 승인 2006.10.04 00:00
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   As Cicero once said, ?either can embellishments of language be found without arrangement and expression of thoughts, nor can thoughts be made to shine without the light of language.?Speech is necessary in our daily lives as it controls behavior by controlling our thoughts. However, few people seem to realize the importance of speech, as it is so commonly used without much thought.
   Speech is more important than it seems. If eyes are windows to one? heart, speech is the speaker of one? brain?t reveals what one is really feeling and thinking. The tones, speed, accent and word choice of one? speech are factors that describe one? character and thought.
   Speech is often considered only as a way to identify and reveal oneself through various interviews or presentations, thus the significance of language in understanding one? and other? underlying emotions and thoughts is easily neglected. Therefore, knowing how to control one? speech is beneficial not only in interviews but also in daily life as it helps one get closer to oneself and others in various sectors of society.

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