A Handshake Between the Talking Styles of Old and New
A Handshake Between the Talking Styles of Old and New
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▲ [Photo provided by Google.com]Communication is essential to establish understanding between generations.

By Min ju

   The program ?eeling Sympathy Between Old and New Generations,?a feature on the variety show, Imagination Plus, on KBS 2TV has been gaining popularity for the way it portrays differences in the talking styles of the old and the young. The purpose of the show is to eradicate the communication barrier that has been gradually emerging between generations by comparing and understanding the talking styles. Hosts Noh Hyun-jung, Tak Jae-hoon, and Lee Hwee-jae add synergy to the interest created by the topic by entertaining the viewers. Now, not only are the digital and the wealth gaps the focus of national and international concern, but the gap between the talking styles of the old and the young has also surfaced as a pivotal issue in the 21st century.
   According to Professor Lee Ki-sung (Korean Lang. & Lit.), this phenomenon is due to the changed atmosphere that is influencing the newer generation. Lee believes that the talking styles of the young generation have become rather rough in comparison to traditional standards. ?ue to easier access to the Internet, young people quickly pick up catchy slang expressions that were not used in the past and frequently use them in their daily lives,?she said.
   For example, ending a sentence with the suffix ?sam,?used as a contraction at the end of the sentence reflecting teenagers?desire to talk as concisely as possible, has risen as the catchword of the year. Older people are confused by this suffix and 70 to 90 percent of the people in the 50s interviewed for Imagination Plus were unaware of expressions used by teenagers, and vice versa.
   Professor Lee mentioned that understanding and sympathy between older and younger generations can be established when the newer generation shows consideration for the older generation by continuously informing older people about the rapidly changing current trends. On the other hand, the older generation should show understanding and the willingness to embrace the lifestyles and cultures of the newer generation. She also added that education and communication between the old and the young is essential.
   ?he current social trend may lead the society into a state where communication between the old and the young becomes more and more difficult. The issue should be dealt with prominent interest and concern in order to create an atmosphere in which every member of the society coexists in harmony and understanding of one another? words and minds,?says Professor Lee.


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