Clubs struggle to promote their activities online
Clubs struggle to promote their activities online
  • Shim Ha-eun, Joe Hee-young
  • 승인 2020.03.30 14:00
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Many clubs have delayed or cancelled their offline promotions due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Clubs are now struggling to promote their activities and recruit new members as they cannot hold offline events or seminars.


March is the peak season in which school clubs recruit new members and promote their activities. Usually the new semester would start with a club promotion fair, filling the campus with booths and a vibrant atmosphere. However, this year’s situation has been different.

The school club promotion fair, which was to be held from March 17 to 19, was cancelled. Due to this many school clubs have lost the chance to hold booths for recruitment.

“At first, we shortened the fair, but as the situation got worse, we decided to cancel it” said Yu Ji-yeon, the president of the 36th Emergency Committee of Student Club Association.

“Offline promotion is very important since students can gain more detailed information about clubs,” Yu further said.

“Although SCA is working hard to help the central clubs promote their activities online by distributing a promotional leaflet and card news, I don’t think online promotion is as effective as the promotion fair weeks.”

Kim Hye-jin, the president of University Drama Club, also commented that the absence of offline promotion has been a major struggle since their club’s regular play has been the major promotion method.

Adjustments to the promotion period are also being used in the absence of offline activities. While University Drama Club extended its promotion period, Jazz Two-Five began the promotion period earlier than last year.

When asked her thoughts about offline promotion, Kim Ga-yeon, a freshman majoring in Cyber Security, expressed dismay. “It was disappointing that I didn’t get to hear club information from the members.”

Despite the changes, it is difficult to say if the number of new members will be affected.

“We usually receive the majority of our applications in the last week of the promotion period, so the results cannot be analyzed now,” Kim of University Drama Club commented.

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