Never ending dominos of life
Never ending dominos of life
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Philosophy or people from ancient times thought about how life works since they were made. While inspecting it, they reasoned death, destiny, and god. Is there a certain destiny that we can’t deny? Is there an afterlife? Or the grand question: is there god?

When people started asking questions about the principals of nature, they wanted answers; concrete answers that they could somewhat change or negotiate. It might be for the creation of gold, or resurrection of the loss. These kinds of wishes still remain unfulfilled in modern times too. Numerous fantasy novels and movies overflow every season. Time travel has always been the thing in both the science and media industry.

But one cannot deny that the “answers” they crave are always based on their minds not in reasons. Those answers that people continued to assume imply what answers people wanted, not the answers that are right. People designed gods to pray. To pray is to realize something that one couldn’t do by oneself, wishing for supernatural powers to overcome nature’s law. People want to travel through time to change the future and redo things they regret. Answers were made because they were anxious about the uncertainties. So, let’s face the truth. Everything is effected by various factors.

To explain this in a simple way is the butterfly effect. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the butterfly effect is a situation in which an action or change that does not seem important has a very large effect, especially in other places or around the world. This notion is not that massive or extensive.

Think of a domino, and everyone has their dominos. But, they don’t know whether their lines are crossed with someone else or not. They could only see the results, but not all factors that triggered it. This is similar to real life. Countless people or environments interact with each other and that could always turn out to some result that no one could expect.

The people you meet, the workplace or school you are attending to, what you are working on are the compound of what you made. You can not refuse the fact that that kind of cumulation is not because of mere fate. Part of it is because of you. You chose it. You have set one domino for your life, and that turned out to be the result you are facing right now.

We all are now equally seeing the end of the year. When it comes to the end of the year, we ought to regret or look back on what we did. The things you are having or the place where you are standing is all because of the dominos you placed, or the dominos that nature or others have set. You can control your life, but on the other hand, you can not control it. There is a famous saying; no man is an island. We all gained or lost something as we are experiencing time and because of everything around us. We influence and get influenced by things that surround us.

So, be not mesmerized by every result whether it is good or not. Staying there for a while is fine. But never let that possess you. There might be a room for you could have changed it, but there’s also a room where it is not because of you.

That’s why people say thanks to each other. Cherish on what you got, and what you have around here. And move on. Do not blame or rely on one factor so much. Accepting yourself is always needed. If you can’t enjoy your life, at least think that you are experiencing life. Put dominos and see how they fall. Life is a never-ending dominos. Just ease your mind and relax, expect what kind of surprises you might get.

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