Ewha students reach out on YouTube
Ewha students reach out on YouTube
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As YouTube has become one of the most popular social media platforms, many people, including university students, are expanding their sphere of activities on YouTube. Not only do they watch others’ videos, but also upload their own to share with others. Enrolled students and graduates of Ewha are posting videos on their channel and are becoming talented and famous YouTubers.

Handwriting and illustrations inserted in Lim Hae-min's vlog.   Photo provided by Lim Hae-min.
Handwriting and illustrations inserted in Lim Hae-min's vlog. Photo provided by Lim Hae-min.

YouTube channel “hyaline” is run by Lim Hae-min, a sophomore from the Department of Social Studies Education. Starting from February, Lim has been uploading vlogs, which are video logs of one's daily life. Lim started making vlogs after watching videos made by other university students that showed their school life. She first started by taking small clips of her day and then connected them together to complete a video. She then realized that she was able to record her everyday life by using this method.

“In my vlog, I try to portray my life on Ewha campus as well as my dorm life at E-House,” Lim said. “By including ordinary and trivial activities like doing homework and eating with friends, I am able to record my life which would help myself reminisce special moments in the future. In addition, I am able to show my life in Ewha to those who are interested. For example, high school students who want to enter our school can watch my videos and get a taste of what it is like at Ewha. I hope my vlogs are the driving force of their dreams.”

Within 10 months, “hyaline” has gained over 2,000 subscribers. Among the various characteristics that lie behind the channel's popularity, Lim believes that the effort she puts in editing is most crucial in making “hyaline” competitive.

“When editing my videos, I tend to focus on the opening and the video's overall color and design,” Lim said. “I insert my own handwriting and illustrations in the opening of my videos. I also adjust the color then make them comfortable to watch.”

Lim showed determination to present more fresh moments of her university life. Starting from next year, she plans to show her life as an exchange student and her teaching training.

Videos of Kim Seo-yun playing the marimba.  Photo provided by Kim Seo-yun.
Videos of Kim Seo-yun playing the marimba. Photo provided by Kim Seo-yun.


Kim Seo-yun, an alumna from the Department of Orchestral Instruments, also runs her own YouTube channel, “YUNI Marimba,” where she uploads videos of herself playing the marimba, a percussion instrument made of wood. The songs that she plays are popular pop songs and K-pop. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” and Twice’s “What is Love?” are some of the songs Kim has covered that are gaining popularity. The video of Kim covering Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is currently the most watched video in “YUNI Marimba” with over 8,240,000 views.

“My first impression of the marimba was that it sounded like rolling dewdrops,” Kim said. “The sound sent a signal inside me that invoked my music DNA and made me practice the instrument. Feeling unfortunate that marimba is unfamiliar to people, I wanted to publicize its charm through my channel. Moreover, by majoring in music at Ewha, I learned that music can help the world communicate better. Therefore, by utilizing YouTube, which is a global platform, my music can help the world to be more connected.”

Kim expressed her thoughts on the reason “YUNI Marimba” has nearly 250,000 subscribers.
“The reason why people visit my channel and show support must be in that they are allured to the sound of the marimba,” Kim said. “I feel certain that once people hear the sound of it, the tone will become stamped into their memory. My diverse costumes, which reflect the themes of the songs I play, is an additional factor for attracting viewers.”

Kim is planning on putting new efforts in uploading videos of herself playing songs that she has composed. While doing so, she hopes that videos of her performances will put people in a state of balance and bring a smile to their faces.

“Aren’t our contemporaries living busy lives?” Kim asked. “How about finding refreshment for your mind and body though the sound of the marimba?”

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