Ewha Voice celebrates its 65th anniversary
Ewha Voice celebrates its 65th anniversary
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Ewha Voice, the school’s official bi-weekly English newspaper which first published in 1954, celebrated its 65th anniversary on Nov. 16 at the LG Convention Hall. Ewha Voice holds homecoming events every five years to welcome back former members and share recent developments concerning the newspaper.

As of 2019, Ewha Voice publishes eight sides on super-tabloid size. It publishes 13 issues annually, circulating seven issues during the spring semester and the remaining six in the fall semester. The paper is distributed on newspaper stands throughout the campus, with the largest number allocated at the Main Gate. Readers may also find an online version of the newspaper updated every publication day, together with relevant photographs and captions.

Ewha Voice reporters and photographers participate actively in every stage of the newspaper-making process including planning, writing, reporting, editing, and designing.
As aforementioned, the paper started off in 1954 as part of the Department of English Language and Literature creative writing class material. An American missionary and educator Professor Kathleen Crane, played a pivotal role in leading the early stages of the paper. Years later in 1973, Voice started producing the paper in the Ewha Weekly office located in the Human Ecology Building.

During the 1970s and 80s, copies of Ewha Voice were sent to alumni residing overseas, spreading Ewha’s reputation worldwide. It was during the 1980s that Ewha Voice started publishing monthly and in 1985 that it started to write for the entire school population. In the 1990s, the organization was finally acknowledged as an independent English newspaper in its own right, separated from the Ewha Weekly, the school’s Korean newspaper.


Ewha Voice, spreading Ewha news since 1954

Ewha Voice alumnae raising their hands to answer quizzes about Ewha Voice during homecoming ceremony. Photo by Heo Sol.
Ewha Voice alumnae raising their hands to answer quizzes about Ewha Voice during homecoming ceremony. Photo by Heo Sol.

After the turn of the century, Ewha Voice started its modernization process. It was only after the early 2000s that the paper took on its current template and form. In 2008, the Ewha Voice office was relocated to ECC, and the paper started to be published bi-weekly.

This year’s homecoming was put together by 16 members writers currently affiliated with the newspaper including the editor-in chief, managing editor, six staff reporters, five assistant reporters and three photographers. Among other important figures related to the newspaper in attendance Professor Choi Jihyang, the current faculty advisor, was invited to give a congratulatory address.

In keeping with tradition, Ewha Voice prepared a short exhibition encompassing the past and present of the newspaper, displaying the transformation of its format by the era. Participants were also able to take photographs by the photo zone and reminisce about their memories of Ewha Voice.

The celebration itself was divided into two parts. The first consisted of opening remarks and a presentation on the history of Ewha Voice. The second half was composed of more interactive activities including a talk show, quiz and raffle events as well as a commemorative group photo.

In addition, a host of other activities and events were put together by the planning team and editors. Notably, those reporters who were active in the 1960s, the very early stages of Ewha Voice, were asked to give a short commentary about the significance of the establishment’s 65th anniversary. Moreover, the school’s mandolin orchestra club Siloam was invited to give a performance.

“Thank you so much for putting on the homecoming event – it was truly professional and well thought-out,” said one alumna who worked for the establishment in the early 2000s.
Ewha Voice alumnae include the actress Kim Soo-hyun, also known as Claudia Kim who starred in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015); Professor Sohn Jie-ae, the former president of Arirang; and Director Kang Min-whee, who is currently working for the WHO headquarters in Geneva.

As Ewha Voice prepares for its 70th anniversary to be held in 2024, it will strive to better accommodate the changing trends in new media platforms. This will include extensions of social media outreach, the production of card news, and reaching out to the millennial audience.

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