Emotion elected as 52nd General Student Council
Emotion elected as 52nd General Student Council
  • Shim Ha-eun
  • 승인 2019.11.25 20:01
  • 수정 2019.12.03 21:42
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On Nov. 22, the Central Election Administration Commission announced that Emotion was elected as the 52nd General Student Council. Oh Hee-ah, a junior majoring in Chemistry & Nanoscience, was elected president and Kim Hyo-min, a sophomore majoring in Korean Language Education, vice president.

The election for the 2019 General Student Council was held from Nov. 19 to 20. As the two were the sole candidates for each of their positions, they were required a majority of the votes to be elected.

Emotion set four main pledges for the upcoming year: expanding and reinforcing the school’s consultative body, actively promoting the tourist quota system, reducing the mandatory chapel semesters, and expanding support for students preparing for civil service exams.

During the two-week campaign period prior to the election, Emotion stated that they would facilitate communication with the school by building a stronger consultative body. By doing so, they plan to reflect more student opinions regarding curriculum revisions and the new course registration system.

Emotion is also determined to push ahead with the tourist quota system. By enhancing a tour program of the Welcome Center and installing more notice signs regarding their visit, they expect to prevent tourists’ unauthorized entry and indiscriminate photo-taking of students. They further plan to collect student opinions and reflect them on the tour program as well.

For reducing the mandatory chapel semesters, Emotion acknowledged that the pledge had been discussed almost every year but had failed to be reflected. Emotion plans to come up with more examples of other schools reducing the mandatory chapel semesters to persuade the school.

Regarding support for civil service exams, Emotion put focus on the need for financial support. Hence, they plan to demand the school to expand a budget, secure enough space for studying, and build a stronger mentoring network for civil service exams.

“‘Never-ending change, together with 15,000 students’ is Emotion’s motto,” Oh said. “We look forward to creating Ewha into a place where students can be the center of continuous changes.”

“We aim to be a student council which believes in students and walks together with them,” Kim concluded.

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