Collaboration between Ewha and Starbucks
Collaboration between Ewha and Starbucks
  • Ahn Chee-young
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College of Art & Design collaborated with Starbucks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Starbucks store in Korea. 

The Starbucks store located near the main gate has been renewed as Ewha R store. Exclusive Ewha Starbucks cards have been released as well which are only available at the remodeled Starbucks Ewha R store. 

The remodeled Ewha R store officially opened on July 26. This flagship outlet with a premium concept is decorated with symbols of Ewha. In particular, the second floor of the building features concrete-like art walls inspired from pear blossoms, which is the symbol of the school. Furthermore, various merchandise such as mugs, eco-bags and pouches with pear blossom designs were available. 

Jung Yun-jung, a senior from the College of Art & Design majoring in Painting, designed the Ewha Starbucks card by participating in a contest held at the school. 

After accepting entries of the designs for the Ewha Starbucks card, a vote was carried out. Among the numerous applicants, a total of five students’ artworks were selected, which were then brought up to the discussion table with the professors. 

Going through this process, Jung’s design was chosen as the final one. Later on, continuous modifications were made by receiving feedback from the designer of Starbucks. The final design was confirmed last November and it took about six months to be released. 

In the exclusive Ewha Starbucks cards, Jung applied a lot of representative elements of Ewha such as the Welch-Ryang Auditorium and the pear blossom. The work was illustrated by watercolor and she utilized the Ewha green font. 

“Designing a card that represents Ewha was a meaningful event,” Jung said. “It was also intriguing to receive a variety of reactions from customers. The fact that other people are purchasing the card that I have designed was very impressive. I believe that this experience will be remembered as a valuable memory as an undergraduate.”

Jung further shared her thoughts regarding the cooperation between the school and other external companies. 

“Collaborating with other enterprises will provide students meaningful opportunities to broaden one’s perspective,” she remarked. “Although it may be challenging in the beginning, I consider that students will gradually gain self-confidence by overcoming difficulties and improving their abilities. Hence, I hope there will be more opportunities like this open to students.” 

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