Internship Scholarship System To Make Debut
Internship Scholarship System To Make Debut
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Earning internship certifications will be within reach to all Ewha students, as the school"s newly-designed scholarship system is set to kick off this semester. About 400 students are set to start work in various sectors of the university while getting paid and receiving internship certifications at the same time.

This integrated internship scholarship system aims to translate the students" experience gained from working in various school services to the work experience after employment after graduation. The school hopes that the internships will elevate the performance of the graduates in their jobs.

It is not difficult to apply for an internship scholarship. The procedure is similar to that of applying for work scholarships. A GPA over 2.0 is the only qualification. Students can apply and also select a specific position through the university Intranet.

The selection procedure for internship scholarships, however, is rather complicated. In fact, there are no fixed criteria. Recipients have to meet the various needs of each post. For example, applicants that belong to a certain department where an internship is being posted will get priority. Also, those who have certain computer related certificates will hold an advantage over those who do not. And the few lines of self-introduction that the recipients fill in are also important.

The internship scholarship is different from the former work scholarship in several ways. First, the types of work that recipients do are different. The work scholars usually work at posts related to welfare, or out completing clerical tasks, such as carrying books or delivering mail. But the internship scholars will be assigned to offices, where they will handle administrative affairs.

Second, there is a slight difference in the two scholarships" wages. Work scholars will be paid 1,000 won or more per hour than the internship scholars in regular posts, such as the administrative offices of colleges. Internship scholars in special posts, which are affiliated to schools, will be treated exceptionally and will be paid the same as work scholars.

Third, internship scholars must receive four hours of training before they can begin to work. During the training, scholars will not only be educated on the objective of the internship scholarship, but also on their responsibilities and the attitude that they must maintain while at work.

The office will evaluate the internship scholars based on their sincerity, sense of responsibility, and attitude they showed during work. Low marks on this evaluation will disqualify scholars from receiving an internship certificate.

The spring semester will be the first test run for this pilot program. There were about 560 applicants during the registration period.
"We expect a lot from this scholarship. Previous education will increase work efficiency, and accomplishing professional tasks will give pride to scholars. Eventually, this will lead to developing administrative duties of the students," says Lee Nan-hee of the Scholarship Welfare Center.

The internship scholarship system is expected to provide an advantage for students when searching for employment. Its effectiveness cannot be determined just yet, but the fact that the school is doing something for students is welcome.

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