What is the meaning of busy?
What is the meaning of busy?
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“Sorry for being late. I have

so many things to do. Yeah, that includes

some projects I do for my club and an

assignment, my study.”

“(Sending some gifticon that the

receiver might like) Sorry for not visiting your show. I’m sending this coffee coupon

just in casegot busy with my work.

Good luck with your performance!”

Apologies were the most common thing I did when I thought I’m on a quite hectic schedule. Expenses for apologies kept rising whether on time-consuming-wise or money-consuming-wise. Then I got to think of one thing; Why do I have to be busy?

In this modernized, highly competitive society, feeling “free” means that you are not doing anything even though precious time flies in a flash. Many told me that if you say, “I’m free today”, you are also telling those people that “I’m just wasting my time doing nothing for my future”. Do something practical. Study for your exams that might get useful when it comes to finding jobs when you get older. Do some extra work that can enrich your qualifications for your future resume. There’s no time to be relaxed. Do something. So, we tried. We tried our best to do other extracurricular things, we tried to attend extra courses for some certification.

Then the burnout starts when we have to make so many apologies by doing something busy. The most common apologies are toward friends. Then it goes to your own body. Sleeping less, being stressed out would certainly not influence your health on an ideal state. And as these apologies piled up, your inner rebelliousness spring out. Why do I have to sacrifice my time for this when I got to lose my friendship and health? Quality of life is getting more and more deteriorated. I can’t stand it any longer. Then the major question comes to one’s mind. “So… this thing that I’m doing. Is it really worth it?” and, “If it isn’t, why did I spend so much time doing this?” Like a snowball effect, these tiny questions become huge distress. And ultimately, the mind-state becomes blank. 

Besides burning out if you are a busy person, you have to look back on yourself that you might be addicted to being busy. Or, in other sense, you must think if you are doing that job because you really need or like it. The anxiety that you are getting by the fear of falling behind might be the reason why you are doing it. Doing these things can turn out to be something good in the future, but wouldn’t it be more time-worthy if you do the work that is more directly related to your own goals?

So, if you are stressed out about the hectic life, count it and evaluate it. List the reason why you have to do that work. If the scores are low, get rid of it. Clinging onto it only because of the simple obligation to live a busy life is useless. There’s no need to embrace every work that you are holding. Managing all these works is sure, a great ability. But deducting the list of works that don’t mean much to you and wrapping up things is also a huge ability. Including the quality of life, the quality of what you are doing would escalate. Enjoy some free time and don’t feel guilty about it. Use your free time as a stepping stone for regaining energy for future doings. Plan again and again under some standards that you prioritize. Now can you understand the meaning of busy in your life?

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