School adopts G Suite for Education to improve EUREKA Portal email service
School adopts G Suite for Education to improve EUREKA Portal email service
  • Wee So-yeon
  • 승인 2019.05.15 18:03
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The school decided to use G Suite for Education which is a cloud-based productivity suite offered by Google in order to improve the IT infrastructure of Ewha, starting on April 30. This change has been initiated based on a survey conducted on last May by Office of Information and Communications asking students’ opinions on transiting the current school email system to Gmail. With 1,250 students participated, 86.6 percent of the students agreed to the transition. Responding to the students’ demand, the school changed the school webmail system to Google Gmail system, adopting G Suite for Education. 

This change was first considered due to the storage limit of the original email system. By adopting G Suite for Education, students and faculty are now offered limitless storage for emails and additional services such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, which connects users online. 

G Suite is expected to facilitate cooperation and content-sharing among the school members.

All students can use the new system by agreeing to the terms and conditions which appear on the website when they log in to the EUREKA Portal Information System.

School adopts G Suite for Education

Students can use the same email address ( and continue using the service after they graduate.

Information System Development said they are planning on more improvements.

“We are now working on making G Suite accessible  through THE portfolio too,”  said an official from the team. “We plan to offer an online manual to facilitate the usage of Ewha members. We will constantly monitor the system to make sure there aren’t any user inconvenience.”

Students and faculty have started using the system and are now adjusting to the new change.

“The best part of the change is that now I will be able to use various limitless google services without personal charge,” said Hwang Ji-woo, a junior majoring Chinese Language & Literature.

“The price for limitless usage of G suite was quite a burden to students. This free offer provided by the school will be useful for my school tasks.”

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