Ewha Alumnae celebrate 2019 Homecoming Day
Ewha Alumnae celebrate 2019 Homecoming Day
  • Lee Young-in
  • 승인 2019.05.15 17:59
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More than 70 Ewha alumnae filled the campus with laughter and joy, participating in the 2nd Homecoming Day on May 1. 

The event is an annual homecoming day held by the Office of University Relations and Development, during which alumnae gather to connect with each other and recall their school days. 

The event started with a chapel service at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium where a special lecture was given by author Choi Ji-eun (05’, International Office Administration). Choi began by sharing her personal experiences in different workplaces, such as a broadcasting company, and how the treatment of women has greatly affected her work efficiency. 

“I’ve experienced some men treating women like children, not equal to the other men,” Choi said. “What many women do in these situations is that they leave the company because they know the harsh reality that legally handling the issue will not be a pleasant or effective method as the laws regarding sexual harassment and discrimination have blind spots.” 

She further said that being a feminist means to constantly reflect on ourselves, and as no one is alone in this act, one should always carry the sense of bond. Also, she mentioned that voting and online participation are as crucial as offline actions since we can spread awareness on important issues to broader spectrum of audience.

After the empowering chapel service, professor Kim Nam-see gave a special lecture titled “Object and Art” at ECC Lee Sam Bong Hall. 

Kim said that art begins when forming relations with various objects and talked about how modern artists are using different materials and locations to create unique meanings of objects. 

In the sunny afternoon, alumnae chose one of four courses of campus tours: Ewha Archives, Ewha Museum, Ewha Campus, Ewha Flower and Tree tour. By exploring the campus, they were able to reminisce about their school days and discover new places.

For the last program, “Ewhain, Our Stories,” President Kim Hei-sook gave an appreciation speech thanking the alumnae for continuing to be the best and for helping the school grow. Also, alumnae shared their life stories with others and participated in a quiz regarding the history of Ewha. 

“Ewha is an open place I can always come back to,” said Jo Eun-jeong, a graduate of Chinese Language & Literature. “This is a huge comfort and a motivation when working or in social life.”

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