Discussion rises on changes in graduation thesis and exam
Discussion rises on changes in graduation thesis and exam
  • Yoon Chae-eun
  • 승인 2019.05.15 17:57
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Ewha is officially discussing changes in graduation requirements on abolishing or maintaining graduation thesis and exams. The Student Government Association (SGA) sent a formal document to Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs and Administration offices of each college on April 23 to urge more reflection of student opinion in changing the graduation requirements.

The official document mainly stated two demands: Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs should re-conduct a survey with a questionnaire consisting of more options and hold a meeting with SGA to discuss specific ways to gather student opinion.

The discussion on graduation requirements started at Ewha council meeting held on April 17, where members of the board suggested various opinions on this issue. 

While Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs stated that they plan to allow each college to decide their own graduation requirements, professor board members mentioned the need for more discussion on the issue.

To question more about the school’s decision, SGA talked with Registrar of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs on the phone and shared this information with Ewha Voice.

“Since 2018, Ministry of Education mentioned allowing each college to reorganize the system of turning in graduation thesis,” the office told the SGA. “When we conducted a survey during last November to December, about 80% of the colleges replied that they will maintain the current system and only about 20% said they are thinking of abolishing graduation requirements.”

The office also stated that when deciding changes in curriculums, they depend on decisions made by Ewha council, which is a group of authorities consisting of faculty members and representatives of students. However, the office acknowledged the insufficiency of their survey questionnaires and promised to better communicate with SGA in the future.

Hearing about the ongoing discussions regarding graduation thesis and exams, SGA made efforts to spread this news to students and make plans on gathering student opinion.

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