2005 UStudent English Essay Contest
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UStudent Co., Ltd., an educational consulting service, sponsors annual English essay contests to provide scholarship opportunities to secondary and post-secondary students and to encourage and develop student writers. Winners will receive $1,000 scholarships and the submission deadline is May 13, 2005.

Essay Topics: Please write an essay (250–500 words) on one of the options listed below.

1. Discuss a significant experience in your life and its impact on you.
2. Discuss a social concern and its importance to you.
3. Describe a character, real or fictional, who has had a significant influence on you and describe that influence.
4. Describe yourself. Possible topics may include experiences which have shaped your life, circumstances of your upbringing, the way you view the world, or any personal theme which appeals to your imagination.
5. Topic of your choice. (#5 only – NO WORD LIMIT.)

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2005-04-12 23:03:29

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