Ewha Voice Reader Survey Event (Nov. 22 - Dec. 6)
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icon 2021-11-22 19:49:06  |   icon 조회: 87
We would like to hear your thoughts on Ewha Voice! You can take part in the survey by clicking on the link below!
The link is also on Ewha Voice's instagram bio.

The survey is estimated to take about 3 minutes. Out of all the survey respondents, 25 participants who leave their contact information will win with Starbucks Americano gift cards!

If you leave any comments for any Ewha Voice articles at the end of survey, chances of winning the event will increase!
Additionally, those who participate in a phone interview (roughly 15~20 minutes) will also be rewarded with a Starbucks cake and coffee set (approx. 10,000 won)!

English Survey

Ewha Voice Instagram: @ewha_voice
Ewha Voice website:
2021-11-22 19:49:06

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