Memories in Wisconsin-Madison
Memories in Wisconsin-Madison
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▲ [Photo provided by Ock Mee-kyung] Ock and her friend pose for a picture at a football match which is a common feature in the life of a college student in Wisconsin-Madison.

   A year I had spent in the University of Wisconsin-Madison was exciting, as I expected. I was nervous about living alone at first but through a year, I have become more independent and strong.
   The University of Wisconsin-Madison is located at the center of America near Chicago and Madison. Wisconsin state capital city consists of mostly students and school faculties and is surrounded by a beautiful sea-sized lake. The size of the campus was amazing and the atmosphere of the city was very different from Seoul, in that it was very nature-oriented and tranquil.
   On the other hand, Madison is a city full of vitality during the football season or Halloween. Watching football matches and dressing up in a costume and having a party at the street with crowds during Halloween were the best experiences I had. Since Wisconsin football team is one of the best, the heat of the football match reminded me of the Red devils and the Halloween party in Madison didn't disappoint me.
Many students might worry about studying and taking classes but one could get good grades easily by keeping up with school works. The discussion classes in which students could debate and have additional tutoring from teacher assistants in a small group were also helpful.
   During psychology class, which was one of my favorite classes, the professor brought a real human brain in order to help students understand studying about the brain. Moreover, taking language classes was very beneficial since classes were small and focuses mainly on speaking. My French speaking also improved a lot and I made many good friends through class. Moreover, by joining Ulssu (Samulnoli club) and learning Jangu and performing, I was proud that I could contribute in letting people know Korea's culture.
   I had so many memories by fully experiencing as much as I could, attending lots of activities such as Ulssu club, Korean student semi formal, Halloween party, dorm activities, ISS Bridge, working part time, having time with lot of new Korean and foreign friends and last but not least, traveling around whenever I had the chance.
Moreover, by studying hard and through forming relationships with professors and classmates I have learned a  wider world as well. I hope other exchange students also make unforgettable memories by having much fun and keeping up with school work at the same time.

Ock Mee-kyung (Public Administration, 3) went to The University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S. for one semester as an exchange student.


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