[Campus News] Professors Reveal All-Time Favorite Books
[Campus News] Professors Reveal All-Time Favorite Books
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Professors' Choice of Books

   In the beginning of June when the final exams are almost near the end, the desire to travel and relax after an exhausting semester stirs within us. Along with the warm weather and the bright sunshine, it is a signal that the summer vacation has come upon us. Ewha students start to plan how to spend their precious vacations. Some want to visit different parts of the globe, some want to spend their vacation by participating in volunteer activities, and some just dream of relaxing alongside a beach. Whichever way students spend their vacations, enjoying a book whenever one has time is highly recommended. Professors of Ewha have recommended books that will shed an extra light onto spending a fruitful vacation for students of Ewha.
   The Part and the Whole by Werner Heisenberg
   This exceptional book written by Werner Heisenberg, a renowned scientist and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, is recommended by Professor Koh In-seok (Philosophy of Science). The history of exploring atomic science and quantum mechanics in the first half of the 20th century is told from Heisenberg's point of view, with the core part of the book taking the form of a discussion between him and other scientists. The novel demonstrates that wonderful ideas come from dialogue. The author wanted to show the readers that science is done by people and that it actually coexists within our lives. The book not only deals with science and physics, but also philosophy, society and life as a whole. Regardless of our fields of study, Professor Koh is positive that it will aid the students of Ewha to become a successful leader in the 21st century.
   Eyes Wide Open - Seeing God in the Ordinary by Michael Frost
   "Eyes Wide Open - Seeing God in the Ordinary" is a must-read contemporary classic, which will provide the reader with a revolutionary turning point in one's life and religious faith. Professor Park Eun-hae (Music Composition) has recommended "Eyes Wide Open - Seeing God in the Ordinary," as it once had a tremendous influence in her own life. She has introduced this book to numerous people in the arts and is now, introducing it to the students of Ewha. As the title indicates, the novel open the eyes of Ewha students to the miracles of God that are often taken for granted in our daily lives.
   Persuasion by Jane Austen
   Professor Choi Ju-lie (English Lang. & Lit.) recommends "Persuasion" by Jane Austen. The story centers on the love story of the heroine Anne Elliot and the man she rejected because of family "persuasion" seven years prior to the opening of the novel. The heroine, no longer in the prime of youth, is given a second chance to figure out how much one needs to adjust one's needs and judgment to the needs and judgment of others. The novel does not champion selfish individualism, yet it is a moving testimony to the need for a woman to trust herself. If one is craving for another taste of a touching novel by the well-known author of "Pride and Prejudice," one should head straight to the bookstore for a copy of this novel.
   Night by Ellie Wiesel
   Professor Chang Yoon-jae (Christian Studies) recommends "Night," the Nobel Prize winning novel of 1974, by Ellie Wiesel. It is a short but profound book in which the author poignantly portrays the issue of the silence of God in the midst of the Holocaust. This is a book that changed the theological perspective of the professor. It will also provide a new perspective for students who have been wondering where God is amidst hostilities happening throughout the world.
   Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
   Professor Jasper S. Kim (International Studies) has recommended one of his all-time college favorites to students of Ewha. "Breakfast of Champions" written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. discusses American society in a very non-mainstream manner and also illustrates various aspects of life on earth to the reader. Moreover, Professor Kim recommended another book that students who are preparing for employment should get their hands on. His latest book, "How to Get a Job Without Using Any Personal Connections!" shares all the secrets about getting jobs. It is differentiated from other employment strategy sources out in stores as it focuses on his broad experiences not only in South Korea but Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and New York. It will be released on June 5 at all Korean bookstores.
   Without realizing that there is a special world that books can take us to, students only dream of traveling to faraway lands or a tropical island while taking the value of a book for granted. There are some worlds that can only be reached through venturing into a piece of writing. Not only do these books recommended by professors of Ewha lead students to a world that is beyond our imagination but it also helps students widen their knowledge and wisdom. Thus, when students plan their vacations, they should make sure to take these recommendations into consideration and include a trip to the inspiring world of books.

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