Happy Virus Wins The 35th SGA Presidential Elections
Happy Virus Wins The 35th SGA Presidential Elections
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Happy Virus won the 35th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election held on November 27, 28 by a total of 4,386 votes (59.6 percent of the cast ballots). Choi Ji-sun (French Language & Literature, 4) and Cho Hyang-hee (Sculpture, 3) will head the SGA starting in 2003.
The opposing party, Yes, Ewha, consisting of presidential candidate Chung Ji-eun (Law, 2) and vice-presidential candidate Go Eun-hye (Social Welfare, 2), received 2,723 votes (37.0 percent of the cast ballots). A total of 7,363 students voted in the elections, representing 51.9 percent of the student body. 248 of the votes (3.4 percent) were void.
Happy Virus is regarded as a political activist group, focusing its attention on social issues regarding women, human rights, and the military system. They promise to campaign against tuition hikes and to find solutions for the improvement of the course registration system.
They will also start a movement protesting the system that prohibits Ewha students from getting married while in school, install more facilities for the disabled on campus, and provide free extracurricular classes for the students.
This marks the second consecutive year that only two parties ran for election. However, unlike other previous elections, more than 50 percent of Ewhaians voted during the two designated election days, creating no need to prolong the election period.

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